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Are you planning a trip to Central Newfoundland? My top recommendations for Inns, B&B and more.

Top places to stay in Central Newfoundland. FOGO Island Inn, B&B, Inns

It’s been an extended and awaiting return with Central Newfoundland; here are my top recommendations to make your stay one to never forget!

1- Of course, it’s Fogo Islands Inn 5 star

Located on Fogo Islands, it’s the number 1 hotel in Canada and one of the three best hotels in the world per Travel and Leisure. Yes, it is a bit pricey, and here is why: You get the best service at a hotel I have ever had. You do not touch your key when you check in; you have a private tour of your room, explaining how things work, like the wood stove, breakfast the next day, and all the amenities you will find on locations. Each room faces the ocean, which gives you a sunrise view each morning. A private group tour of the island is the perfect way to see the area. Following your guided tour, there is a 5-course meal that is included in your stay. A beautiful experience with a goal; as a not-for-profit hotel, organizations around Canada receive assistance. here

2- Happy Adventure Inn 4.5 Starr Inn

A family-run Inn that has many advantages for a tourist wanting everything at their fingertip:

  • Located on the water, they have boat tours for whales and iceberg season
  • They built brand-new hiking trails, Damnable trails
  • They have a trendy restaurant at the Inn
  • Large rooms, patio and amazing sunsets
  • Terra Nova Park has kayaks, canoes, and rental accommodations a few minutes from the Inn

Our extra-large room faced the water; the best sunset ever with views from our patio. It was worth the drive, plus located 10 minutes from Terra Nova Park, where they have canoe rentals. Up for a hike, try  Book your stay here!

Seven Oaks Inn

Change Island was a tiny part of our trip that became the best part of this trip: the service at the Inn was perfect. Their home-cooked meals are fresh cod on the first night and lobster on the second. If you forget your wine, ask them, they may have some handy. Located at the 12 km mark of the 13 km island: you are sure to see all of the Island. We walked around to photograph the bays, boat sheds and fantastic sunsets.
But, again, the people of Newfoundland made this trip memorable. We met locals on our way back from Fogo Island, they invited us, and we accepted, and we went to their home for cocktails and laughs; so much fun. Our host Buelha and her team are 5 stars.

4- Colleen at Colleens harbour Breeze B&B

Colleen is a gem of a host:

  • We got in late; no problem
  • We contacted her as our flight was delayed.
  • We got there at 11:30.
  • The hot tub was ready.
  • Some good relaxing 80’s music was in the background with a fantastic view

The following day, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the place: another big homemade breakfast was served with a smile. She took the time to get to know us, likes and dislikes for the following day. Her space is immaculate; everything looks new. She has a suite with a jet tub in the middle of the room, two rooms with lots of space, and large washrooms (one room is wheelchair accessible). She is a gem; IF you can get a room here, go for it! Lots to do in the area, including Bumble Bee Breweries and Pub only a few minutes away. You can enjoy a fire pit, loungers or a beverage at one of the high tables in the backyard.

To do: Dinner at Bumble Inn and restaurant
Trails or a boat tour with Badger Bay Boat Tours

5 -The Homestead Adventures (glamping)

Curtis, a leader in his community, works with many youths to teach them how to survive in the wilderness. With just that information, he had me. It’s a great project Curtis has: I’m pretty impressed. He and his wife are the backbones of Homestead Adventures: a glamping project they worked on, and it is now a success.

You can fish from the shore, take a canoe, or chill by the fire pit from this homestead location. A separate building contains washrooms and showers for your convenience. In Newtown, you can hire Curtis as your guide to exploring the area. Again, another fantastic human of Newfoundland, he took me out early morning to look for moose with coffee for both. Contact them today to book a complete adventure.

6 Hare bay Adventure

Disclaimer: We missed our booking because our flights were delayed by two days. We would have been the first guest to stay at Hare Bay Adventure’s dome, and we need to give them a shout-out. We did the shark fishing experience and then met the owners at the dock. It was the stay we wanted to do the most—on an island surrounded by water and beautiful views. More superstar hosts, I’ve done tours with them during my last two visits. I keep coming back for a reason. Things to do: Shark Fishing, shop and lunch before your tours at Hare Bay Adventure location

7- Ida’s Place, Greenspond

No Website at the moment of this article was published
Contact Ida’s place at 1-709-424-2005 or on Facebook

A few years back, I had the chance to meet another fantastic human while I toured Central Newfoundland. A quick stop for coffee and cinnamon buns turned into a long-lasting friendship.
My recent afternoon visit filled my soul with this incredible couple, and I felt at home again next to the ocean. They have worked on a small but beautiful project for the last two years. They were renovating this lovely cottage for their guests to spend the night and adding two rooms equipped with a bed, fridge, and TV with a shared washroom. Sometimes, you need a place to crash, as you leave early the following day after coffee and a sweet from Ida’s Place.

8- RiverWood Inn,


It is nestled in a pristine river valley along the Indian River in Springdale, Newfoundland & Labrador. This new 4.5-star rated luxury inn features the highest standards in accommodation comfort, dining and memorable experiences for all its guests. If you desire an Inn with exquisite character and ease in a pristine, natural setting, visit us at the RIVERWOOD INN.

~What to do in the area? Join Rob as he explores the wilderness on a side-by-side or four-wheeler, an amazing experience for the whole family.

~Place to eat that we loved was By The Sea restaurant. The fantastic staff and food were worth the wait.

Are you planning a trip to Newfoundland in 2023? I recommend contacting Central Newfoundland Tourism for all of the experiences they offer. You may want to try one or many. It’s an Island filled with gifts, unbox one and try it.

Other accommodations


Quality Hotel and Suites

I hope you experience my staycation with some of these super hosts; let me know if you do! If you have any questions, message me, and I will do my best to answer them.

Groups to follow for more information on Facebook or Websites:
Adventure Central Newfoundland


    1. Always a pleasure, and yes, it’s on my list to return; I still need to touch a shark and sleep in the dome, and I’m sure there will be lots of new experiences awaiting. Thank you again for everything 🙂


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