BlackJack BBQ review, Toronto Canada

A new BBQ Joint in Toronto, surprised with the culinary experience and the service.

Being a lover of BBQ meats is a must if you stop at BlackJack BBQ in Toronto. This 15-month-old BBQ restaurant, set up on the corner of Gerard st east and Galt Ave. The patio is small but cozy; the evening sun lays behind the courtyard. The Indoor, well decorated in a southern vibe, a beautiful bar set up, live music on Thursday night that we stopped in.

Getting to the food cause I’m still drooling from our recent visit. We started with the deep-fried smoked mozzarella ($9) with sweet tomato chutney, a sharing plate for us. We wanted to experiment with as many flavours as possible in one sitting, as I’m from Ottawa, we don’t generally visit Toronto that often. Nice and crispy double panko crust on the smoked mozzarella made the difference in the end product, crispy on the outside and sweet and silky Mozza cheese on the inside, a bit of chutney to sweeten this dish.
Did you notice the greens on the second photo? The apple pecan starter salad with mixed greens drizzled with a Carolina mustard vinaigrette topped off with smoked cheddar & dried cranberries are the perfect starter plate. It was loaded with flavours, crunchiness and a sweet flavoured dressing. We ordered this culinary experience with the help of our attentive server.

Fried Chicken, how about buttermilk fried chicken ($17)? Yes sir, and it’s my new best friend, damn it was delicious. The crispiness of the crust, the juiciness and tenderness of the meat made it worth the cost. We picked french fries for our side dish, one goes hand in hand with the other, plus a side of coleslaw, BBQ sauce and Alabama white sauce. We shared this portion again, and the chicken, split three ways, still wanting to try every possible combination from this menu.

The sweet whiskey pork rib is slow-cooked baby back ribs (half-rack $17, full $27) cooked to perfection, with an apple cider rub and a Kansas BBQ sauce. The mix greens salad with the Carolina mustard vinaigrette and slaw paired well with the baby back ribs. You prefer to be eating indoors or outdoors; I will remember this food experience for a long time.Now, my favourite part of the evening was the tasting of the dinosaur beef ribs ($19), saucy meaty ribs, prepared to perfection, did I mention saucy ribs. Mmmmm, two hickory smoke flavoured ribs, rubbed down with a south-western mixture and bathed with this Texas bold bbq sauce. The sauce is all over my face, and loved it; the flavours stood out in every bite, adding the red chilli seeds that send out a burst of picanté to your mouth. We picked the salad again as we have tried many plates during our experience here at BlackJack BBQ, filled with mostly protein and loads of salades, a portion of crispy french fries and sides of coleslaw. The night, I paired with cocktails and IPA beers.
Thank you, BlackJack BBQ, for this culinary experience; I’m always looking for new culinary experiences. If you have a suggestion or recommendation, leave me a comment on why I should visit this establishment in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal!

Cheers for now,

Roland Bast

A few photos to keep you hungry 🙂

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