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Exploring beautiful Central Newfoundland​ in one week!

Have you ever wondered what you can accomplish in seven days while touring beautiful Central Newfoundland?  I have just returned to Ottawa from an epic trip to Central Newfoundland, and I’m excited to share with you all of my stops, hotels, inns, and the beautiful contacts I’ve made during this fabulous trip. Look closely at the bottom iceberg photo, where you’ll see one of the highlights of my journey – a whale that decided to show up for me!

IMG_3034A flight into Gander, Newfoundland, is your best bet for arrival in Central Newfoundland, with the airport just under one hour from Twillingate.  Twillingate was my first stop on this trip. The drive from Gander to Twillingate is a beautiful mix of nature and coastline.  Upon arrival, I picked up the keys to my accommodation, a three-bedroom vacation rental at Hillside Vacation Rental. I immediately noticed a view of several icebergs that hung in the bay where I would be spending my first two days in Twillingate, Newfoundland. The landscape at Crow Head was perfect for me. It’s located a short 10-minute drive from the village center.


Once I settled at Hillside Vacation Rental, my vacation began. I went to the beach for a seafood boil with Crystal, a self-taught culinary guru and the brains behind Experience Twillingate. Crystal spoils her clients with a seafood boil right on the beach, preparing 90% of the food onsite on an open fire. You know how sometimes you meet a stranger, and it feels like you’ve known each other for years? That’s how it felt for us. Even with the other guests, it was cool to have that feeling of old friendship.

Crystal prepared our beachside location, getting all of the furnishings ready for our group on the beach. This gave the other guests and me ample time to enjoy the beautiful view and fresh salt air.

Our evening started with smoked caplins.  We heated the caplins on the open fire, consuming them warm.   We all participated in the preparation of the evening, from gathering saltwater to cleaning the mussels to keeping the fire pit going. Cod tongue and scrunchions cooked to perfection, resting on a bed of partridgeberry and rhubarb jam, was a first for me, and it will not be the last.  Fresh local mussels were prepared right before us, so delicious that we could not resist eating a few more. Pulling the fresh lobsters out of the pot, Crystal cracked the lobsters’ knuckles and split the tails in two, making it easier for us to consume them.  After cleaning up everything, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset alongside the beach.

The following day I awoke, brewed myself some coffee, and enjoyed the ocean view outside my kitchen window. Excited and shortly after, I made my way to Twillingate Adventure Tours to explore the bay in search of whales and icebergs.  Our tour was very successful. Our captain located six icebergs for us, ensuring we could see each side of the iceberg.

The team at Twillingate Adventure Tours has invested in new boats, like the one we had, making their tours much more comfortable. Once off the vessel, I stopped at Anna’s Seafood Restaurant for some codfish and chips while enjoying the view of the bay.

Lunch at Annie's

This was a fast-paced trip, but we slowed things down and checked out a local artist featured at Twillingate and Beyond.  Joelle Sunshine and her sister curate the Artisan Market, which features art and products from 70 different Newfoundland artists.  Joelle is herself a multi-level artist who lists weaving and singing among the talents she holds.

Not just artists, these ladies also own this gift shop and some accommodations, including Sunshine Inn, Drift Away Suite, and Hi-Tides Hostel, all located along the coast of Iceberg Alley. Are you looking for coffee and vegan products? I suggest hummus and crackers while enjoying the company of these two beautiful people. Joelle’s new studio is just about ready, a place where she’ll create art and a place to jam with other musicians around the built-in fire pit. Something new to check out!!

I made a quick stop at Long Point Lighthouse, where my afternoon of hiking began. A beautiful trail took me around Crow Head with a view of the Atlantic Ocean that included icebergs and possible sightings of whales. These are breathtaking views! While hiking here, we encountered caves and some rugged terrain. That night I stopped in for a cold drink while listening to Mike Sixonate at The Captain’s Pub. Mike is a legendary singer and storyteller who entertained us with loads of Newfoundland jigs and stories.


A stay at beautiful Fogo Island was a gift to me. Fogo Island is one of the most scenic islands in Newfoundland. Every community on the island has a story, history, and people that care about their guests that visit here.  I arrived via ferry, and after checking in at Fogo Island Inn, my tour guide met me in the lobby, and off we went. We toured for 3 hours. We explored the gems hidden in every corner of the island. As you can see from the photo, this island is very picturesque.

I returned to Fogo Island Inn, where I spent the night and checked an item off my bucket list. I had wanted to see the spectacular architectural design of Fogo Island Inn, but having access to a room there made my whole adventure even better.  You may say it’s costly to spend some time here, and I agree.  Let me break it down for you. As a guest, you don’t need to worry about parking, your tour guide, your meals, or your tips, and they are included in the stay’s price – minus the alcohol you consume. Fogo Island Inn isn’t like other hotels. When you check in, their guides and room attendants are paid, but they give like volunteers. They are top-notch assets to this establishment, talented, knowledgeable, warm, and friendly.  Fogo Island Inn is very special. One last tidbit about the hotel is that it is a not-for-profit organization.  Below, I’ve added a few more photos of the hotel and the area!

The dinner was a piece of art in itself; each course’s impeccable service and presentation had a different plan for the evening. While this evening took place in a well-balanced and modern decore dining room dressed with extra-large chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows.

A short twenty-four hours passed, and I headed to the mainland to a small village called Newtown.  The town of Newtown is just over one hour and thirty minutes from Gander airport. You’ve heard that it takes a village to raise a child?  In Newtown, it has taken a group of three friends to change a town. Newtown is home to approximately 400 villagers. When Curtis Roebotham of The Homestead Adventures moved here just over a year ago, he met Irene Woodworth of Karma Kafe and Find Junque; they started collaborating, adding Steven Perry of Welcome to the Rock Tours (Barbour Living Heritage Village). They all had ideas to get some lifestyle changes for the children of Newtown.


Irene began to organize a theatre presentation with local kids.  Success struck, and a profit was in their pockets after expenses were accounted for. There was shared funding left, and all of the kids gave back their shares.
Irene moved up, rented a safe space, and started adding more productions. Kids participated, the theatre became more successful, local youth had something to do, and the elders went to watch the plays.

Steven comes into the picture, and, boy, he’s got a lot to say. Steven, a comedian and an actor, knows the Barbour family’s history and three-quarters of the thirty-six villages surrounding Newtown. I’m exaggerating; yes, Steve knows the history of many people that have left a legacy in and around Newtown.
Mix this great group of people, and you’ve got the A-team of residents that want to change a village.  My head was spinning with information. We went for a quick lunch that lasted over 2 hours. Each explained what they do, they completed each other sentences, and we had laughs after laughs after laughs.

Curtis had some ideas too. He loved outdoor activities and teaching and was well-educated. He was the perfect person to show the kids in the area how to survive in nature, amongst other things. Curtis now gives kayak and fishing tours and owns a glamping business. I had the chance to test the glamping during my trip to Newfoundland – glamping with minimal WIFI, no tv, but with heat, big blankets, and a lake. The photo is from the Homestead Adventures

For the last two days, Mother Nature didn’t want me to go boating, kayaking, or fishing on the high sea. I still managed to get a hug from Heather, owner of @idasplace in Greenspond.  Ida’s Place is a tea house that seats 12 guests. It’s so pretty that you can walk around outdoors while you wait for your table and grab a freshly baked cinnamon bun. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook and ask Ida about her history with this home of theirs!  BTW It’s the yellow homestead in the top left photo above.

With more details about Greenspond, I learned about the sealing industry, the danger of being out of the ice, and how physically demanding the job was. I took a tour with Duane and Steven of Hare Bay Adventures. As I’m moving from one location to the next, the guides are slowly switching.
When I arrived in Newtown, New-Wes-Valley, Greenspond, and Gambo, I found these guides and these experiences interlinked! They collaborate to give you the best possible experience they can. I’ve taken the liberty to add their website link to my blog if you need information. They cater to your wants, needs, and anything they can help you plan to make this experience successful.

Hare Bay Adventures guided tours will show you scenic routes, museums, survival in nature, and fishing for trout and salmon, and they collaborate with The Shark Co. with Brian and Alex Oram. They will take care of everything in between -like your meals, seafood boils, and more.

This group of people will entertain you because the Newfoundlander in them will come out. They will cause you difficulty breathing and stomach pains, and you will become delirious as you laugh your vacation away. It was the best time of my life; I already miss them all!

There’s a hidden gem at @innathappyadventure. The service was spot on from when I arrived until the next afternoon when I left. The room was perfect for a long staycation, adding all you needed for a few days away.

Central Newfoundland in 7 days, jam-packed but marvellous and unforgettable opportunities.

Then there were the addictive iceberg tours I had the pleasure of experiencing. It took a long time to get to the iceberg, but it was worth it as this giant measured about 100 feet in height. The Inn at Happy Adventure opens daily for dinner. I took the surf and turf plate; you can see it in the photos.  Moose steak, crab legs, veggies, fries, and bun, all for myself. Do you think you’d love this meal?  They had the nerve to ask if I wanted dessert. Of course. You’ve got a cheesecake, and it’s my favourite meal! The folks at the Inn at Happy Adventure sent me a packed lunch for the road… thank god I stopped to eat it; I had left my camera at the inn.  I got it back, and I was on my way with a big smile. Thanks, Inn at Happy Adventure, for a fabulous staycation!


If you’re travelling in this area of Central Newfoundland, the Inn at Happy Adventure is located 15 km before the end of Terra Nova National Park. To help you, I’ve added the link attached to their name.  Terra Nova park has fantastic hiking trails, beautiful lakes, and many activities for adventurous hikers. Sleep in a yurt, and enjoy nature at its best. Unfortunately, it was just a quick afternoon of exploring, as the black flies invaded my face, and I was not prepared for it.

Thank you, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism Board and Central Newfoundland, for hosting me during this epic trip. The memories, the people I met during my stay, the new friendships, and everything in between pulled me back a few notches to realize how short life is in the big city.  I can’t wait to return; icebergs, unique landscapes, puffins, whales, and more amazing people are on my list.

Thank you/ Merci 🙂



  1. Thank you for this blog because next September I’m
    Heading to these same areas. I’m traveling with cousins. We are all descendants of Twillingate born parents s d grandparents. The Frost family 18. My grandmother was number 12 of 16 children. We are excited to see where they lived and how the lived.
    We will spend most of our together time in Twillingate staying at the Anchor Inn. I love the idea of arranging the shore dinner. And hiking to the lighthouse. Is there anything else you’d suggest our party of 8 to do together?
    Thank you so much
    Debbie Walterhouse


    1. Hi Debbie, yes contact Crystal for the beach dinner, I’ll also message her,
      There’s hiking (easy) at the crow head lighthouse
      Boat tours
      Link in this blog, gift shop, even contact the Inn. They’ll have better ideas on what to do 😃


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