Chula Taberna Mexicana


Have you tried CHULA Mexican Tavern yet? #GiftedExperience

Chef Irina Tirtirau, this young lady rocks this kitchen.
This was my first visit this weekend, one that we will remember for a long time. –
Chula is located in Toronto’s east end while they serve a Mexican culinary experience with a twist. (Chula open its doors June 2017)  It was a tasty surprise in every bite…
After the first bite of my shrimp ceviche, I knew this was going to be a lunch to remember. A refreshing way to begin this experience…. paired with the weekly tequila drink using Caribana.

The menu has something for everyone. But this is what we chose for us.
Medium in the spice department cause my daughter isn’t a fan.
We had beef +avocado tostada, 🤩Mexican street corn🤩, zucchini fritters (these are the Managers Fav) ours also.

Next round a Kale salad light, sweet enough to override the spices we had, kind of a pallet cleanser before the medium flames kick in. 🤣🤣 Our last plate: their weekly special I think should be on the menu full time is their Tempura battered sweet potato taco, mushroom taco (both vegetarian dish) adding some heat with the shrooms.


The finally a fantastic way to end our lunch was with our burritos and margarita.🙏 Everything about the quality of our food, the presentation, the menu selection, the staff the🤩 environment is at the top of the game.


Thank you for joining me on these fantastic culinary adventures, If you have tried Chula or any other restaurants that I have explored, drop me a line with some feedback.
FYI upcoming events: Cinco de Mayo is a big day, of course, celebrating and the opening of their Huge Patios. Thanks, Heidi and your team for a memorable.

Thank you for having us!

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