Entourage Sur le Lac, Lac Beauport Quebec

In just 2 weeks during October 2016,  Entourage-sur-le-Lac resort located in the stunning region of Lac Beauport, Quebec (20 minutes north of Quebec City) it has rapidly become a visitor’s much-loved resort, and I sure approve with the outcomes of this resort.  Having arrived early, I was greeted warmly by the front staff, my room wasn’t prepared; inside 30 minutes I received a mobile call notifying me that my room was ready… How cool is that?  No time misused waiting in the lobby, I found it very beneficial, as I was able to tour the surroundings and appreciate the great weather around the lake.  I give the Hotel a 5-star rating for the whole concept.

I’ll reverse back to at the time I arrived the complex, the wow element as seen in the picture of the hall, the meeting area that is positioned just behind the lobby, includes a stunning library, pool table and full walls of windows to enjoy the picturesque view.  But sitting here, savouring a glass of red wine, relaxing while reading a book or just appreciating the sights and this is the perfect setting.  The open concept from the main floor gazing into the restaurant situated on the lower level that contains all the enormous windows that clearly keep you admiring the view of the lake and nearby mountains.

The lodgings are complete with all of the household luxury, while the view from my shower was astonishing, it overlooked the King size bed and then the lake view. This is where I wanted to spend most of my downtime, sadly no ample time in this day as work came first.  Waking up to a gratifying sunrise from the comfort of my bed as those large windows gave me a view that was breathtaking.  The quarters are so large, filled with all of the essential accessories that you need to help you enjoy extra days here.  There is lots of closet space, lots of storing space for skies, mini-fridge, dishes, and a large TV when you just want to cuddle in bed and relax. The restaurant can prepare for your culinary experience a dinner that you can enjoy in your room while appreciating the landscapes that surrounds Lac Beauport.

What to do while lodging at Lac Beauport?  I propose several activities, beginning with late summer/fall, the pool is open 3 of the 4 seasons and soon to be open all year, there are horseback paths at Les Excursion Jacques Cartier $$ by reservation.  You can experience the walking trails around the lake, go trout fishing $$ by reservation and these are just a few examples, ask your reservation clerk for more great suggestions.  You like winter happenings?  This is where it becomes attention grabbing…. Skating over the frozen lake would be my preferred winter hobby, an area definitely to play hockey on the lake, then you have at Le Relais ski hill $$ located a few minutes away. You can find 3 bigger ski resorts in the nearby areas to enjoy the fresh open-air air.

The bar area is well lit, bar stools are comfortable and its distinctively decorated while adding 2 fireplaces sitting at the top of the bar for your enjoyment. Lobby area just outside the restaurant also serving the banquet/meeting room.

L’Ilot restaurant is onsite to assist you while creating amazing memories minus tormenting yourself on what to prepare for your 3 meals per day.  The restaurants modern décor starts with a very unique light fixture that suspends over most of the dining room, while you and your guests enjoy the view of the lake, I virtually imagine myself sitting at a table, ordering a gourmet meal while enjoying a glass wine from their extensive selection during a light snowfall evening.  My suggestion is to book soon it’s a great escape weekend.

The bar area is dressed with highback chairs, a fireplace while contemplating what bottle of wine to pair with your steak this evening.

The lobby in front of the restaurant
A seating area, upstairs next tot he library while enjoying the view of the lake.

~ Kindly contact the hotel for more information and reservations.

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