ATMA Indian Restaurant, Montreal QC

Indian culinary experience at its best!

Arriving at the restaurant on St-Laurent Boulevard:  Atma is located in a well-lit area offering plenty of street parking $$. While the outside gave me the impression that it was going to be a small space with a few tables it’s where an un-expected beautiful modern area while exposing my first glance of the long bar that can entertain 8-10 guests comfortably as my eyes moved along a semi-private room in a dim lit oval shape entertains several guests.

A warm welcome, our server then proceeded to accompany us to our table, and as I’m walking up the stairs to a bright second floor, curtains are open revealing a private room for about 8-10 guests. An attic like space from the old club was converted for the third section making this by far the best experience in an authentic Indian restaurant.  Shoes removed, the seating was low to the ground, large tables to accommodate groups while lots of smaller choices for small parties with sheer curtains hung sectioning off each seating areas for some intimacy.

Our server was very knowledgeable, respectful while being attentive to our needs during that time he took the lead in making sure what we ordered well-portioned plates for my guest and I.  We started off with a deconstructed samosa, filled with flavours combined with a generous portion of chickpeas this is my new friend with a part large enough for 3 guests.

Since ordering lots of additional flavours the selection of the naan bread and tandoori roti remained simple and plain, as we’ll be using as much of the flavourful sauces as possible.

Our main selection: suggested by our server was the tandoori platter making it the highlight of the evening as the chicken marinated in yogurt with a bouquet of herbs and spices letting it roast to perfection in an authentic tandoori oven. Also on the platter, is a selection of spiced chicken tikka some tandoori shrimps, sheek kebab (seasoned ground lamb, spiced and grilled to perfection).  The sizzling sound got my attention as it was followed by the aromas.  Eager to sample these flavours while the second selection arrives with his recommendation we enjoyed the butter lamb that he gently placed on the almost full table.  With the lamb being not too fatty and filled with flavour that I enjoy as a regular at other locations.  The butter sauce as a twist and set the lamb onto the basmati rice, as it’s placed on my plate a night of unforgettable flavours begin.

Finally, the dessert menu is here.  I only had a little room for a bit of sweetness to finish off the evening. The homemade pistachio kulfi is a bowl of sorbet, and the photo does it justice, tasty, filled with flavours and it takes a bit of time to soften up, so it gives a few minutes to digest the first part of this delish event.  The pistachio kulfi acts like a pallet cleanser, also cooling you off!

Located in graffiti town Atma is at 3962 St-Laurent Boulevard, and tonight it’s where I’m discovering this gem, Montreal is known for some of the best eating establishments in Canada.  A popular establishment is where I love to enjoy delicious food with service at its best while the views are the most likely top notch. Atma is situated in a well-lit area offering plenty of street parking $$ for your convenience!

My recommendations:

~Reservation required, call ahead while booking go for a table upstairs there are 2 sittings per evening (18:00 and 20:00)

~There are vegan and vegetarian selections for your convenience

~Asking for recommendation: if it’s your first visit to Atma or it’s your initiation to Indian cuisine the person serving you is your best bet to enhance your first experience so ask questions, don’t be scared to try new spices (the pepper sign means it’s HOT)


ATMA Indian Restaurant, 3963 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal QC,

website:   contact for reservations: telephone 514-798-8484

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