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Parc Omega 2017

Parc Omega is a great wildlife habitation to spend a day, its picturesque landscapes that are spread out on 12.5kms of acreage, lakes and mountains.  With all of the fall tints and of course the wildlife that lives here it makes it even better.  Parc Omega is a wildlife conservation park that I relishing visiting as frequently as I can.  It gives me a chance to be nearby to their wildlife that I typically wouldn’t have access to in my local backyard.

Sunday morning my friend Cindy and I get in the car and head out but while driving in a light shower we decided to go ahead and make it to the park.  Fog everywhere in the valleys made us eager to get there.  We’re worried that we will not be able to see 5 feet in front of us.  Upon entrance to the park, the rain stopped, some of the fog elevated and we jumped on our tour bus and gone. Our initial stop was with the fallow deer, while our guide Serge, the parks very own Zoologist describes to us the variance amongst each species of wildlife that calls Parc Omega home, where they are from in Canada plus share his life accomplishment as a zoologist with us.  The fog was still existent throughout the lake and in the wooded area. As we arrive at the fallow deer it was like a fairy-tale photograph, a Harry Potter moment hehe.

Afterward, we stop with the Elks, they’re always on my to see list when I visit Parc Omega. They’re so majestic, and now its rut season, they become a totally different animal, attentiveness on how close you get to them, they’re very protecting of their grounds and females alike, they will charge after you if you appear like a menace to them. Have you seen Elks in person?  It’s an unbelievable sensation to be so up-close to them 🙂
They have 3 different wolves, the Timberwolves and the Black wolves that are situated in distinctive parts of the park, you can rent a chalet and devote a night-time eavesdropping on the grey wolf as they howl.  They have numerous chalets for the 3 seasons and even a tipi for the nice warmer months.  I hope to be occupying a night eavesdropping to the wolves soon, and then I’ll tour the park the next morning after consuming a breakfast at the gatehouse

What else did I see?  Well, I’ve seen deer’s that we can pet a bit, feed them carrots and enjoy how friendly they are, bears that love to show off, feeding time with the Timberwolves, wapitis, and much more. I have additional photos for you to check out.  Late winter, springtime you can also check out the Sugar camp that is open for a limited time so check their website for more info

The arctic foxes are all juvenile, it’s a new collection of babies with one of them has blue eyes.  They’re tons of fun and thrilling to observe while in the park, don’t miss them. I truly hope you enjoyed this adventure and your day at Parc Omega like I do 🙂
The Fallow deer during rut season, a specail part of nature

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Disclosure: Sporadically, I accept gifts, accept travel vouchers, also included: great eatery and hotel experiences and additional events that I consider being appropriate to share with my supporters while assisting them in making a great decision on happenings.  Look for the word #sponsored on my blog and Instagram posts.  My criticisms, suggestions and my experiences are authentic, reliable and composed to advantage you the consumer while trying to experiences similar events that I’ve experienced.

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