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A birthday feast at Bindia Bistro in Toronto was a top-notch culinary selection for my daughter, our guests and myself.  Walking into this striking modern well-decorated space, the bistro wasn’t what I expected it was even better.  Bindia strives for uniqueness in the Indian culinary world and is succeeding as well as repeated guests I conversed with enjoyed Bindia since it opened in 2013.

Greeted by the host, as he directed us to our table you could feel the friendliness in his approach while making us feel at home.  We had plenty of time to start our evening, first off an Indian brew for myself and cocktails for the rest of my guests while the vegetable pakora arrived as our appetizer that we shared: filled with great flavours, and showered with a sauce that gained momentum as you ate the pakora.


The culinary experts at Bindia arranged for us: chicken curry, prepared in a tomato based sauce filled with garlic, ginger and an assortment of aromatic spices that savoured well with the garlic naan bread that just arrived from their tandoori oven.  A portion of their butter chicken was served to us in a well-prepared combination consisting of white chicken meat simmered in a rich tomato sauce packed with authentic North India flavours that I love so much. The sauce was a perfect pairing with the plain naan bread.

Bhinda Masala is fresh cut okra cooked in onions, tomatoes and roasted ground spices and this one I ate most of it. Adding a delicious dish of curry fish to the top of our culinary experience.  My plate was complemented by a glass of wine, a Soul Tree Sauvignon Blanc (India) paired by the server that was a winner for my palette.

Found at 16 Market Street, downtown Toronto, diagonally from the St. Laurence Market, a place Bindia collaborates with the various suppliers purchasing garden-fresh harvest that you can find on your plate every day.  Partaking with the market is an endless advantage for Bindia, constantly receiving fresh produce.  This makes their offering to the customer of quality ingredients for a superior culinary experience making this their key ingredient.

Bindia Masala
Butter Chicken, Masala, Naan bread, Rice

What to expect from Bindia?  Its well situated on Market Street, a spacious modern restaurant with seating capacity of 50+ guests, adding exterior seating on their street level patio that’s facing the St. Laurence market giving it an extra 16 seats.  Since it’s booming they’ve acquired extra space next door and are expanding adding a private dining area that will be ready to serve you better in late June 2018 also adding more patio seating for your outdoor enjoyment.  You want an authentic Indian gastronomic experience? Then reserve at Bindia today.

Extra photographs from my experience at Bindia with one of my best experience is to get invited to the kitchen and watch the chef prepare, cook and serve naan bread to our table, it’s amazing how quickly its ready.
Naan Bread baking in a tandoori oven
One of the sections of Bindia with the colourful blue wall that brings a modern touch to the establishment.  Bindia is a great experience, located in the Toronto Market area, a mid-priced restaurant filled with flavours and character. #sponsored
Thank you Bindia
Larger reservation can use this beautiful section
Butter Chicken
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