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Fall staycation in Mont Tremblant Quebec

Mont Tremblant Fall 2018 as a beautiful staycation destination.


Mont-Tremblant? Well, of course, I would love to go! Could you make it for the changing of the fall foliage?  That’s even better my bags are ready.  That’s how I felt when the invitation arrived in my mailbox.  I had reached out to the Mont-Tremblant tourism office inquiring if they could host me during my upcoming visit.

IMG_0122On October 2nd, I arrive in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec and immediately made my way in the direction of the gondola. The gondola is the best way to see the village while trying to situate yourself and localizing some restaurants, hotels and of course the fall foliage. We began to explore once we felt confident with our directions, starting at the Fairmont Mont-Tremblant and trecking to the lake.  My camera was busy as everything is photogenic, from the architecture and each street corner.  My first yes moment was the sweet couple stepping out of the shop with their dogs. It gives you a visual that does describe the area as a family oriented, very comfortable place to shop, eat and play! A beautiful staycation, while nothing disappointed me except for the daylight, came to an end.

The car is in the hands of the valet (@$29.95per day), as I approached the front desk at the Fairmont Mont-Tremblant I notice Marie-Claude smiling at us, she made the check-in so easy and pleasant, filled with information: she offered lots of ideas from what the hotel provided. The accommodations, the outdoor pool and spa services, the map for the village, easy directions to some of the events in the area like Tonga Lumina: they offer a night tour at the top of the mountain while she mentioned local restaurants and the entertainment at Mont-Tremblant’s Casino.

The exploring is all done for this evening, now a quick trip to the Mont Tremblant casino is well deserved.  The casino is located a few km’s from the village with the offer of a free shuttle bus that will ease your access from the casino to your hotel. The casino has lots of entertainment during the weekend, a lineup that includes live jazz band playing at Altitude Restaurant and special events showcasing different themes. After a few glasses of wine, dinner plus some great conversation, we ventured out the entertainment space.  Sloths are the games I tend to play: I’m not a great poker player and or similar game tables.  We had a fun night its past midnight, we’re returning to the shuttle area, direction Fairmont Mont Tremblant.

IMG_0216Slipped into my robe for a quick nite cap, the view from my room was filled with colourful trees that Mother Nature decided to paint. I’m now all tucked in this comfy, cozy and super comfortable bed. The best night sleep I’ve had in years.

IMG_6971.jpgHave you seen the breakfast buffet at this Fairmont Mont-Tremblant?  It’s a breakfast fit for a King.  The Fairmont’s buffet offers a continental and hot buffet adding fresh orange juice and coffee to start our day.  Enjoying some of the large selection from my favourites breakfast food the buffet offers.  We both laughed as we were so full, we talked about rolling down the ski hill cause brunch was so amazing lol. Time to get moving, I want to capture as many different sides to Mont Tremblant as I could, allowing me to show you what a 24hour staycation is all about. I like to keep myself busy when I travel while not knowing if I’ll be able to return.  I love to explore, find small shops, cool dining spots, easy hikes and I try to enjoy life to the fullest.  How do I decide what photo I capture when I’m on assignment? I look for unique angles, colourful accented building, and reflections.


Being behind schedule is not new for me when the plan is crafted for you.  I arrive at the Casino’s Altitude Restaurant just on time. Coming at the Casino’s Altitude Restaurant I get a quick tour of the restaurant that included a look at their high rollers lounge (look at the last photo) and reception space, the server escorted me to our table. The lunch selection was from the table d’hôte menu, a beautiful light selection. The velvety squash soup with crème fraîche I shared with my guest, but the shepherd’s pie is all mine, with thick pulled beef brisket meat, a nice layer of mashed potatoes then its topped with some sweet cream corn. The Altitude restaurant was a surprise for me. The view is top notch, the quality of the food with the friendliest and attentive service team made the experience the best.

Leaving the casino, we drive to the beach with the clouds surrounding the area with the fog that floats over the ski hill, the best place to view Tremblant is from the bottom of the mountain. The view from the beach is just beautiful, you can smell fall in the air with the foliage changing, and the wildlife is present. I’ll let your imagination find the beauty of this area with the photographs below!

During the drive to Domaine Saint-Bernard, the colour filled trees lined the side of the road that led us on the way to this great outdoor space.  Le Domaine specializes in multiple wellness levels from beginners to the more advanced that can specialize in cardio activities, the workout areas are set up in different sections of the park for you to enjoy.  Due to the weather condition, we chose a short trail, but our hike turned out to be a 90 minutes stroll around the lake enjoying the cultivated forest, fall foliage, small wildlife and the sounds of peace as it was so quiet.

As the staycation approached the end, we have one last special event with dinner at Patrick Berman’s restaurant, located a few kilometres from Tremblant ski village.  I knew this was going to be a good evening as I had researched the restaurant.  With many culinary achievements, Patrick had the honour of collaborating with some exceptional restaurants in Europe.  From the outside, the restaurant has an air of an old classy reclaimed wood building with the interior identical to the exterior.  Hello and welcome are the first things I heard as I walked to the hostess desk, that was the start of a beautiful evening.  She presents our table located next to the fireplace, the candles, and white linen decorate the table.  We select our wine according to the meat selection, a Pinot Grigio to compliment our steak.  The salmon mouse on a crostini paired with a green salad topped with nuts, the dressing for the greens, added by the sous chef.  Such a light and delicious way to begin a lovely evening.  The table d’hôte menu, is a part of the famous Wednesday’s for locals of Mont Tremblant. The restaurant gives you a fair price for the evening.

This staycation is over, I was super impressed with the superior service that we received during our stay, the warm welcomes we received made me feel at home, the little deer was the welcome committee that I enjoyed.  Thank you to everyone we came in contact with, your big loving heart showed in your service. Mont Tremblant is located 1 hour north of Montebello, adding an extra hour from either Ottawa or Montreal.  Flights are also available from or all 3 departure: Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal with Porter Airlines and Air Canada!

Tourism Mont Tremblant you rock! #sponsored

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