2018 Lexus NX Masterclass


I had the pleasure to participate in the Lexus MasterClass representing Homme Magazine (from Montreal) to test driving the 2018 Lexus NX SUV, this took place in beautiful old Montreal! The day was packed with unbelievable once in a lifetime activities. Starting the day at the incredible hotel @legermainhotels for our morning welcome by Lexus President Jennifer, then receiving our Lexus SUV for the day. 

Our first Lexus we drove was the Hybrid, giving us lots of power for city driving, a very smooth ride Alexandre (Instagram: @TonBarbier) was my partner for this exciting day filled with adventures and luckily he loves being photographed and I love capturing the moments. The 2018 Lexus NX is filled with beautiful craftsmanship inside and out, the Lexus Enform has easy access to your favourite apps on the web, maps and more.  With 235HP adding a 2.0l, 4 cycle Turbo engine giving you a fuel consumption between 10. To 8.8 (City/Hwy).  My favourite was the reclining back seat, giving you comfort while on long distance travel, the leather steering wheel but my favourite was the rear camera that also gives you an overhead view of the vehicle while parallel parking or backing in at home.  

Ruby Brown Fragrance: Leather 

Once teamed up we moved to old Montreal at Ruby Brown Fragrance, Ruby represents the TAKUMI CRAFTSMANSHIP (@rubybrownfragrance) it’s where we experimented like the master of her craft and created some great scents to take home.  Creating a scent was new to myself, Ruby let us discover each ingredients so we could experience the full scents, then we shared the final results with the right composition as it had a better balance of ingredients while taking it home was the best part of the experience! 

Tommy Café

A unique lunch was served at the @tommy_cafe, Owner Charles Bédard shared with us his love for the Montreal foodie life and he manages to stay relevant, the Omotenashi has the same value for the Lexus core.  Tommy’s Café had the perfect atmosphere on this leg of the day, a great space, exceptional service plus discovering their style of culinary specialties. 

Montreal Symphony 

Now for the most incredible event, a once-in-a-lifetime performance at the Montreal Symphony, having attended many concerts, theatre performances and traveled extensively this was a highlight that now should be a bucket list item. Getting to witness  @jeanwillykunz play the organ just for us was a star moment as you can tell why Jean-Willy and the Lexus NX SUV gave us an Exhilarating Performance.  Jean-Willy not only gave us a performance of a lifetime but also took the time to explain how his instrument is built while getting a surprise tour inside some of the layers of this organs 6 tones of product that created this organ.  Spectacular 🙂 

Jean-Willy Kunz playing for us, a very unique and special moment
A view from the last seat of this beautiful room,
Jean-Willy Kuntz amazing us with his talent

Marï Photographe Walking up 6 flights of stairs into a perfect pure white space is where she was setup for our event as guests of Lexus Canada, we got to  spend precious time with MarïPhoto(@mariphotographe).  She had a portable studio ready for us, a planned photoshoot with us being her subject. It felt odd being on the other side of the lens but this MASTER OF MOMENT was indeed worth it, again you can compare Mari and the Lexus NX to be masters of her craft. Asking Marï what she aims at to be able to capture that masterful moment while on a portrait shoot, her answer “it’s all about the emotion that she gets from the subject.” I call that a Master! 

Café Bazin

Entering the @cafebazin for a culinary adventure with Chef Park at one of his multiple locations around Montreal.  His BRAVE DESIGN on this restaurant that he had ready for us, adding a twist with his creations of the night plus the sushi, sashimi and our desert was a hit, his culinary creations worked well with the sleek design of the 2018 Lexus NX SUV.

Sashimi yum
Cafe Bazin

Le Germain Hotel This day was memorable, I’m heading back to le Germain hotel, my suite awaits my presence, in my room the relaxing sound of soft music playing in the background, lights are dimmed, exquisite chocolates on my pillow adding a glass of local wine to cap off my day. A room like this at the end of the day deserves a star as everything was perfect for my relax time and falling asleep was easy.  Thank you @hommelemagazine for selecting me to represent you and it was an honour.  To @lexuscanada this day has created unforgettable memories, new friendships and work colleagues I thank you for letting me live this experience! 

Le Germain Hotel, my comfortable and cozy suite for the night                       

                Extra photos from this wonderful day! 

Mari Photography
Our desert section at Tommy Cafe, Nutella + Donut= heaven
2018 Lexus NX
A view of the interior craftsmanship adding a look at the navigation system

This is a sponsored post for Lexus Canada 2018

For people that don’t know me, let me introduce myself, 

I’m Roland Bast, home based is Ottawa Canada. I’ve recently worked on campaigns for GMC Canada, Masterclass 2018 Lexus NX, Canadian Geographic Lac Beauport Quebec, Canadian Geographic James Bay campaign, Faces Magazine, Andaz Hotel Ottawa, Royal Canadian Mint, MëNa restaurant, Le Pois Penché french brasserie (Montreal) and Atma Indian restaurant (Montreal). I’m very new at blogging while my other social media platforms are my biggest client reach, now its time to expand as I’m enjoying every opportunity that I get to travel around the world where I get the opportunity to try new things to enhance my life experiences.

~~Disclosure: occasionally, I receive gifts, accept travel vouchers that also include great restaurant and hotel experiences amongst other experiences that I believe in and want to support.  Looking for the word #sponsored in my blog and Instagram posts.  My reviews are honest, written to guide the average person to go out and try experiences like I’ve enjoyed today!~~

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