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2018 GMC Terrain #likeapro campaign 

Today’s blog is from my experience with the new 2018 GMC Terrain, a campaign that I’ve just worked on representing Canadian Geographic magazine, adding many other collaborators around Canada. This was a brand unique experience for myself and has helped me choose a rental vehicle for some of my next trips as I travel in areas where the Terrain would be fruitful, weather-wise, to the grounds I’m exploring around the mountains in Lac Beauport or the Gatineau Park going from lake to lake. It will make my trips so much more comfortable, sitting high enough to witness beautiful views from this SUV.

Getting set to go mountain biking? The Terrain has some great accessories like the bike rack.

The Terrain is very sleek with its new design model, aerodynamic built, as the air flows well from front to back. The lights are shaped like the front of the vehicle, I’ll let you figure that one out on your own once you see this beauty at your nearest dealership or a sneak peek on GMC’s website. I noticed the windows, they are seamless, giving you less blind spots while looking over during a change in lanes or backing up… and then you can use your backup camera to help you park. Showed in the photo above is a great reflection I was able to capture. In the sleek design, they’ve also worked on is the shapes of the metal. It is shaped to give you the effect that the vehicle has a 2 tone colour, and you can see it was easy to capture a sweet reflection in the passenger’s’ door, just how I like to spend my time… next to a beautiful lake.

The inside had a considerable amount of space for everyone. It didn’t matter if I drove the Terrain, being a passenger or unbuckling a child in the backseat. For me it had many little extra comforts that mattered to me, the heated seats to the 4 USB plug-ins so everyone can have a charging station while on short or long trips, now that’s a big plus for us when we travel from location to location. The biggest asset was the brand new infotainment system like not forgetting something in the backseat, the Terrain SUV will remember that you opened the back door before you started the engine! Hmm, great way not to forget your groceries or your kids in the backseat. The possibilities for storage space were superb, the front passenger seat folds down, and we were able to pack the Terrain to go camping including a kayak inside the SUV all fit a T with room to spare just #likeapro.

New to the Terrain is the interface, brand new, with a feel of a smartphone layout that was great to see and use, with some automatic icons but also with the opportunity to add your personal favourites. I appreciated the fact that both of us were able to connect to the Bluetooth simultaneously (2 maximum). Also, we can create up to 5 profiles for the navigation system and with the multi-touch display with pinch zoom, swipe, scroll on-screen to ease your work on finding what you are looking for. This vehicle has some premium design and is engineered to a higher standard.

I’d love to try it with a camper behind, a great way to see Banff National Park this fall… what do you think??

Let’s wrap up on this fantastic and very well equipped 2018 GMC Terrain, starting with a base price of just over $30, 000 that include so many bonuses. Here are a few of my favourites like the standard 9-speed turbocharged engine, folding flat front seats, a beautiful leather-wrapped steering wheel, while also in the front we have heated front seats, a push-button entry with the active noise cancellation (is) just to name a few. At 11.2 L/100km city and 9.2 L/KM for the highway driving it gives you great value for your purchase of this 2018 GMC terrain SUV.

2018 GMC Denali
Some locations we visited while touring Lac Beauport Quebec.

Fishing on a private lake

Stayed at the Entourage sur-le-Lac resort 

Some horseback trails that we got to explore.

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